Vacation to The Heritage Penang Malaysia

Plans to Penang had been decided long ago, I bought a ticket AirAsia in June of the previous year before I had no passport and no experience abroad. Reassured friend and he wants to buy advance tickets, I melted. Initially my mind, because in September and October of 2012 I’ve been to Malaysia, but never mind, it may be true greeting my friend, there is no similar cities in the country. As a result, Penang is the third picnic spot me in March, after Bandung and Makassar – Toraja. This month the toughest, especially for the financial condition of having to pay for three trips. I do not recommend unless indeed free labor.

On the 28th I permit rapid return of the office, at 3. But there is a stupid problem I experienced. Here’s the story, in the office there is an ATM machine, BCA and Mandiri. My main account is Mandiri, where I placed honorarium. But has long Mandiri ATM is damaged. Then I went to the BCA ATM to withdraw money. Because pin BCA and Mandiri I like, 6 and 4 digits, I insert my BCA ATM pin. I forgot that I enter the debit card is Mandiri, BCA instead. I tried it 4 times but always failed. An error message that I do not understand. I leave, thinking maybe a problem in connectivity between BCA and Mandiri.
I then thought to take the money in the ATM Mandiri. 3 pm I went to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in order not affected by congestion due to the long holidays. Incidentally boss I plan to include annual tax return to the tax drop box in Tangerang City, I plan to take the money in the ATM Mandiri was there. We use the same taxi. The problem arose after I lowered him and went to the ATM. On the ATM menu like the back trying to withdraw money, but I was surprised because it re-emerged notification transaction can not be done and the order to contact Mandiri Call on the back of debit cards.
Independent of the officers that I contact the Call me know that I entered the wrong pin 3 times this afternoon. And I remembered I insert pin for withdrawals via BCA Mandiri. Time was running at 16.00, while my plane departed at 17:45 am. Banks are already close if I want to take care of the pin, plus I do not carry a passbook to the office. I immediately contacted my boss had to transfer money to the account of BCA I, and later I returned via Mandiri account. My boss agreed. However, due to Mandiri Internet token of my stay in the office, I had to return to the office. So, I again drove him back to the office.
In the office, the problem promptly completed. After I took a token Mandiri. My boss immediately transfer the money, then the money I took in ATM BCA office, and immediately ran back to the taxi. The clock struck 16:10. The problem became so because the door-M1, the line of vehicles coming into the airport is already long. Until 17:05 hours, I have not arrived at Terminal 3, where AirAsia placed. Fortunately most of the vehicles moving to Terminal 1 and 2, so it’s easier for me.
Finally I arrived at Terminal 3 at 17:15, and after paying the taxi, with a relatively large tips, I immediately ran to immigration. My experience in the flights before, the tactic is to finalize immigration because more will be snaking queue afternoon. Luckily I managed to overtake some 10 meters before the immigration line, it is enough to save up to several minutes.
Done immigration, there are still checking the document line by AirAsia staff. Previously I have never seen a line here, in my heart I am grateful to have passed through immigration. After paying the airport tax and customs checks my last entered the international departure lounge. There I met Irma, a friend of my trip to Penang. This is the first time we met, having previously introduced via Twitter by my friend, Richard.
Having met and I told my ignorance afternoon, the call to enter the plane we immediately announced. We then lined up for inspection boarding pass and then queue up the bus that would take us to where the plane was parked. Boarding process went smoothly and after the cabin crew demonstrates how to use safety equipment, the aircraft is ready to depart. However, because of the tight schedule of arriving and departing aircraft at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport that afternoon, the best we had to queue for up to 30 minutes.
After takeoff, the flight to Penang International Airport went smoothly, and we arrived at 21.00 pm local time. Disembarkation went smoothly and we leave for the next flight to immigration. But before that, I redeem amount to one of the banks there. The immigration process was no problem; my impression kastam officers in Penang look friendly when compared to Johor Bahru or LCCT example.
Done immigration we got out and immediately seek a Rapid Penang bus stop. This is the main mode of transportation on the island of Penang, in addition to taxis and private vehicles, of course. We waited Bus 401E purpose Jetty, Georgetown. 15 minutes we were waiting, the bus arrives. We then go up via the front door and pay the driver. Similar in Indonesia, but the difference is paid out before the ride and the driver does not give change. So try to pay with exact change. The cost is RM2.80 for a distance> 16 km. Because we do not have exact change, so I pay RM6 for two people.
The trip to our hostel at Jalan Love Lane for took 1 hour 30 minutes. This is because the location of the airport in Bayan Lepas in the southern part of the island while our destination located in the north of the island. Irma had asked me if I knew where we were down, so I said no. My guide was that we had to get off at Lebuh Carnarvon, then the road to find the 7-Eleven and not far from there hostels can be found. Only problem is I do not know where the next Lebuh Carnarvon where. When most of the passengers fell in a shopping mall (I later found out that KOMTAR), I was confident to not go down, because not locate Lebuh Carnarvon.
Buses run again, and soon I found the name of Lebuh Carnarvon. Duh, unfortunately there is no shelter nearby, so I pressed the button to ask us down. Function keys are asking the driver to stop, at the bus stop or not stop place that allow buses to drop off passengers. The driver was still indifferent and continues on the road. After turning in Lebuh Beach, bus stops, and we were right down through the middle door. That’s on my mind is that we must return to the road earlier. And we get in the alley near where we were dropped. Although less certain, there is no choice because there is no one who can we ask, it was past 22:30 pm.
Finally recklessness was not in vain, after a few minutes of walking we arrived at Lebuh Carnarvon, and immediately down the street to find Lebuh Chulia. There we find a seller of snacks like Cimol. Irma wants to buy, but once we all hostels. Across the seller as Cimol I see 7-Eleven at the entrance of Jalan Love Lane, and we immediately headed there. 25 meters later we find our hostel for the night that the Red Inn. On the terrace, Richard was already waiting. He then introduced his friend from France, Loic.
After a brief introduction, we immediately check in. Richard offered us to eat soup torpedo in one of the stalls near the hostel. I and Irma undertake this solicitation and after we put things in each room, we headed for the shop. Prior to the shop, we try hawker “Cimol” Irma desired. It felt quite tasty and cheap, but the menu is being sold is not kosher all. From there we headed to the soup stall torpedo. Referred to sop torpedo is basically a confectionary, sorry, penis cows. Richard and Loic order one portion for two. This is an extreme form of culinary in Penang. I ordered the chicken soup for me and Irma. What distinguishes with in Indonesia, menu soup served with fresh bread, not rice. Drinking, my message iced teh tarik (the first of many thereafter)
While eating we discussed plans for tomorrow. Loic going to Laos day after tomorrow, and in Penang stayed two places unvisited, namely Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si temple. We agree with this plan and plan tomorrow morning at 08.00 to begin the trip. Finished eating, we went back to the hostel. On the way home, we found the first mural that is typical Penang rickshaw pullers in the wall of a building. We then took the photo before going home. Afterwards we rested for tomorrow’s trip.

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