Let’s Go to Penang Hill

Because sleep late the next night, I woke up late in the morning, at 07:00 am. And after a shower and breakfast recently completed 0830. Loic already waiting on the porch hostel from 08.00, before the doors opened hostel. Said Richard, this is great progress because in Singapore two years ago, she could not get up in the morning. I feel guilty already up late, and just ready to leave at 08.30. Over breakfast I became acquainted with the Diga, formerly Richard’s office friend who now lives in Malang.
We then headed Lebuh Chulia to wait for Rapid Penang bus 204 destination Penang Hill. The previous night I had a check on the Internet, via a bus Lebuh Chulia. While waiting we had to buy local fruit slices in one roadside seller. But after waiting until nearly 1 hour, there is no 204 bus passing by, I was wrong. One of the residents there corrects that Rapid Penang bus 204 does not pass here, but through Lebuh Light, we are shown the direction to the bus stop at Lebuh Light. There is one female British tourists who also want to Penang Hill, eventually we jointly go there.
However, due to lack of clarity about the direction of the people, we could not find bus stop locations in question. And started walking in the opposite direction to that shown. Finally we walked towards KOMTAR (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak), because there is a central bus terminal in addition to Jetty. Towards stop in Jalan Penang, we saw a 204 bus behind us. We immediately ran to the bus stop to catch the bus. Fortunately for many who want to Penang Hill, bus stops long enough. So we were all able to ride the bus. In KOMTAR, more passengers who ride the bus so full, luckily we still find an empty seat for a trip to Penang Hill far enough.

Nearly an hour later we arrived Stesen Bukit Bendera, at the foot of Penang Hill. The original plan, if we go only four of them are my hiking ride to Penang Hill via Penang Botanical Gardens, met the others at the top of the hill, and down using the funicular train. But since the Loic went to two places that day, and before 5 pm we had to go back to the hostel so I canceled the plan.

Because it was already noon, 11:00. The queue of visitors who want to climb to the top of the hill was long. Fortunately for buying a ticket does not need all passengers, simply represented one person. I also queue while others waited in rows of seats offered by the management. Tickets are distinguished by nationality, citizen of Malaysia just pay RM8 pp, while foreign nationals RM30 pp. It took 30 minutes before I got a ticket. Afterwards I immediately tell my friends to go to the train platform.

After a short wait, we climbed onto the train. The trip to the top very quickly, about 15 minutes. Trains running on slopes up to 45 degrees. This rail line was first built by the British Government in Malaysia in 1923, and trains are used has undergone several replacement. Train we ride the last series that was first used in 2010.
We were soon driving around in Penang Hill. We had tried binoculars coin there to see objects in Georgetown. In this place there are Sri Aruroli Thirumurugan Temple, Penang Butterfly Farm, Penang Hill Mosque, children’s playground, etc. Visitors can also rent a car buggy to get around Penang Hill. The fare for the 45 minute RM60 and RM30 for a 30 minutes.

Diga and Irma had made a hand painting here. While we wait for them, Loic was approached by two local teenagers who mewancarainya concerning how to travel in Penang. I had thought he was in-scam, but thankfully it was not. Maybe they are high school students who need the material to write the school corridors.

Being around Penang Hill, we decided to go down and get to the next destination, Kek Lok Si Temple. Second place is actually not much, but still have to use the bus because that road far enough. We had difficulty with the entrance to the temple, but it turned out to get in and out using the same road, which is on the left side food court, past a bridge over a small river and got into a lot of people selling souvenirs.

Kek Lok Si Temple, located at the top of the hill. The journey up to the top quite exhausting, takes about 20 minutes. Coupled with the hot weather which made our Penang dehydration. On the way we buy bottled drinks. Not long after we arrived at the entrance to the temple. Along the road leading to the temple, we found some beggars who wished mercy of visitors. Immune to these beggars tactics in Indonesia, I do not give money to them. We spent some time to take pictures at this place for a further rise towards the courtyard of a statue of the Goddess Kwan Im (Guanyin), the highest in the world. Why Buddhist temples have a goddess? The statue is the personification of Buddha itself tangible female, in the culture of East Asia community.

To arrive at the top, we go up the funicular elevators, but not as high as in Penang Hill earlier. We have to pay RM2 for round trips. Sales of tickets at a booth at the end of the souvenir shop. After a short wait, the elevator arrived and we jumped. It takes up quite short, less than two minutes. Back out of the store, and seen the giant statue. We spent the time to take pictures here.

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