Penang Kek Lok Si Temple and Gurney Drive

Once having enough, and the clock showed 15.30, we immediately went down and back to the hostel. Loic have to catch the bus to the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. The trip home use Rapid Penang bus 201 through Lebuh Chulia. In the market of Sungai Ayer Hitam, Richard bought baklava that was quite tasty. Nearly an hour later we arrived back at Jalan Love Lane. We waited Loic to pick up his belongings. Richard and I decided to take Loic to KOMTAR because the bus 102 to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is not through Lebuh Chulia.
My advice to the LOIC is a bus ride to the Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur, and from there ride the Star Shuttle bus to LCCT. However the bus to stop at the Puduraya Bus Terminal Sungai Nibong. It was my fault because it turns out there is another way that is easier and use a lot of people traveling to Penang. I will explain that in my next article. Based on the story of Richard, Loic late arriving at Puduraya, and there is no bus to the LCCT. He ended up using a taxi and had to pay RM130! Error information is very draining pockets.
Me and Richard returned to Old Penang Hostel on foot. We talk about each other’s experiences when they arrive in Penang previous day. In Lebuh Chulia, Richard took Char Kway Teow bought to be eaten at the hostel while I buy Ice Lemon. Arriving at the hostel, we take a bath. Because they have to take turns using the bathroom, we ate Char Kway Teow while talking.
Plans that night was we were going to Gurney Drive (Persiaran Gurney) in northern Penang. Gurney Drive is a hawker center (hawker center) famous in Penang. Around 19.00, we went there and waited for the bus at the stop Lebuh Chulia. The bus we were riding tonight is the bus number 101. Soon, the bus arrived and we were riding. The journey is not long, about 20 minutes. We were dropped off in front of the Royal Police Malaysia Pulau Tikus. I must admit, I was wrong. Because they do not know the exact location of Gurney Drive, I rely on Google Maps. And according gps, I have to get off at the spot, and the road along Bangkok to the north up the coast. But when he got the edge of the beach we found is Gurney Palace. Not sure where that is our goal, we decided to walk to the west, toward a place we’ve seen a firework display and emits bright light. Contrast with Gurney Palace lonely environment and tend to be dark.
We crossed a row of buildings and a mall, Plaza Gurney. Richard insisted that the mall is a mall that he met while riding the bus from the airport. But he is wrong, because he sees is Queensbay Mall, directly across the Jerejak Island. About 10 minutes we walk we finally reached Gurney Drive. At this point, each of us ordered the typical food of Penang. I myself ordered Asam Laksa worth RM4.50 and RM2.70 Rojak medium size.

In my opinion, Asam Laksa taste pretty good, especially the fish meatballs chewy. While Rojak, which contrasted with salad in Indonesia is a sprinkling spices and fried peanuts as a topping on it. When purchasing, we can choose the type of spiciness, I chose medium. First I tried, it was not immediate, but after nearly exhausted, a new spicy flavor arises. That’s interesting.
After a satisfying meal, we decided to return home. The lack of a guide for tourists in this place cause I’m back doing the same mistakes. Because they do not know the bus line, we were waiting at the wrong stop. Fortunately, one of the local residents who returned to the flat to say the location of the actual stop, a place without any sign that shows the place is a bus stop. We are grateful to the residents.
Fortunately, we did not wait long and 101 buses came. It turned out that the driver was the same person who drove us to Gurney Drive. The return journey is more quiet and we were all able to seat. 20 minutes later we arrived at Jalan Love Lane. We decided to take a rest after a hot day and quite tiring.

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