Street Art Lebuh Armenian George Town Penang

From there we then walked to the Tanjong City Marina, and beside the Church Street Pier. Across a location adjacent to the ferry and bus terminal Jetty. I thought that this is a church, but it turned out to be an evening entertainment venue. From this place, we could see a ferry crossings and ports where cruise ships dock.
Was one o’clock in the afternoon local time, we decide to have lunch. Our destination was Sri Ananda Bahwan, a typical Indian vegetarian restaurant. Richard bought South Indian Banana Leaf Set, while I try Tandoori Chicken. I am not sure whether it was the chicken, because this is a vegetarian restaurant, and it’s not too similar to the chicken that I often eat. It felt pretty good in my opinion. For dessert, we ordered snacks.

Sri Ananda Bahwan, we took time to Masjid Kapitan Keling, because Diga want midday prayers. In addition to this mosque there are sellers Nasi Biryani which was full of visitors during the day. But we did not give it a try because it was lunchtime. We planned to dine here tomorrow afternoon.

After that, we decided to look for a small child mural drawn by Ernest Zacharevic, located at Lebuh Armenian. The location of the mural is located in a densely. In my opinion, Lebuh Armenian is the place that most street art in George Town. In addition to the mural two small children cycling, I found a funny magician murals drawn on the door of a shop. This is the funniest mural I found. There are also murals Soo Hong Lane, George Town’s narrowest alley, and a clock placed in the middle of a bike at a bicycle repair shop

I agree with the proverb that says if you want to see if a creative city or not, check whether the city to allow art to grow in the streets of the city. Penang is one of the creative city, a lot of installation art that can be found. Indeed, this art is not such installations in Europe that was already entrenched. The new Penang started to walk, but a step in the right direction.

From Lebuh Armenian, we are trying to find other art made Ernest, the mural “Young Children and Pets dinosaur” which I think is on the same street. However, until the end of Lebuh Armenian we did not find it. We then turn to the Lebuh Aceh. A pleasant surprise, we found one of the works of Ernest other, the mural small children who want to grab a drink at the back of the house.

Satisfied take pictures, we’re looking for a small child mural with dinosaurs, but does not go find it. Instead we arrived at Clan Jetties, settlement of ethnic Chinese in George Town built on the sea. Currently the conditions are much better and more tourist-friendly. Here we were met by a group of backpackers from the Philippines, not chatting, but I felt they were extreme because here carrying their bags, possibly because it will continue to the next destination.

Our main goal in the Clan Jetties is a look at one of Ernest’s work, namely, a pair of brothers who ride the boat. Unfortunately, these paintings have faded. We only take pictures at the dock and my friend’s shirt shopping here.

Out of the Clan Jetties, it was already afternoon. We decided to cross over to Asia and regions of mainland Penang, namely Seberang Prai. The plan we crossed and then return back to George Town with Rapid Penang bus ride via the Penang Bridge. Crossing to Seberang Prai free if from George Town, while from Seberang Prai to George Town charged RM1.20.

The crossing takes about 15 minutes. We arrived in Penang Sentral. And here is where I realized my mistake when giving advice to Loic. Turns Penang Sentral is designed similar to KL Sentral, just until we get there is progress toward it has not seemed. There is no inter-city bus terminal, KL to exist! Butterworth Railway Station if you want to continue the trip to Thailand or KL (many who use this mode for all KL). If I suggest Loic to Penang Sentral, it could be he did not have to pay a lot for a taxi to the LCCT.

The second mistake I realized here is when it finds Best A, B, or C to return to George Town. When I look back at the new flyer I realized my mistake. It turned out that Rapid Penang Best A, B, or C only operates Monday – Friday. While this Saturday. Duh. I then confirm this to the Rapid Penang, and turn right. No Rapid Penang Best A, B, or C, which operates today.

I plan to return to George Town ferry back. But friends have other plans. Because already, then they ask me what sights there in Seberang Prai. After consulting with a map in the flyer, there Penang Mega Mall which could visit. And we used the bus 701. kesanalah journey was quite long, about 25 minutes before we arrived at the mall. The bus stop where we were down more like a place to turn the tide of goods to the mall instead of a bus stop, where dark and grubby. It is unfortunate. However, if seen, it is rare to spot tourists here.

There are no signs that explain where the Penang Mega Mall. We’re going with the other people who descend on the place it toward the building in front and past a row of shop houses were empty. A local resident who walked with us asking where Penang Mega Mall, we even did not know. Soon, we reached the entrance to the mall, we recently realized after entering a side door. We were relieved because of a gust of air conditioning that cools our body temperature dried hot sun in George Town.

Nothing special in Penang Mega Mall, matching corresponding to a similar mall in Jakarta might like ITC. There is no escalator to the upper floors, and no major anchor in it. We just look around a bit before deciding to return to Old Penang Guesthouse. Problems arise when we’ll go back home. I think the bus stop to go back to Penang Sentral is located in front of Penang Mega Mall, but I look around there is no stop, I decided to go back to where we came down and this decision is right, because that’s the route to Bukit Mertajam or Penang Sentral, it all comes down at the same stop. We’re back on the bus 701 to the Penang Sentral.

Because this time have to pay to ride the ferry, and the entrance can only use coins, we must swap in exchange counter coins before entering. In my opinion this is not effective because it is often the clerk return the coins in large quantities, while the machine received only a small fraction.

Arriving at the Jetty, we decided to take the bus Rapid Penang CAT, because too much if you have to walk to our hostel. CAT is a free tourist bus which passes historic places in George Town to KOMTAR and then back again. The return journey is faster and we got off at the next stop is St. George Church, from there we walk to the hostel. But before we have dinner beforehand at a roadside stall. This time I ate rice vermicelli Singapore worth RM3.50, only vermicelli and chicken cut into small pieces, but it’s passable.

At first we planned to Batu Ferringhi, but because this is the Easter Vigil, and Richard wanted to attend mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption, we abort the plan. Another reason is said Loic already toured the island yesterday, Batu Ferringhi area of ​​mediocre, nothing special beaches.

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