Lebuh Muntri Penang

In the fourth and final day in Penang, we plan to seek some murals have not had time we found in the previous days. After breakfast, we start walking toward Lebuh Muntri, and soon found one of the murals by Ernest Zacharevic, drawn on the walls of the hostel Moon Tree (wordplay on the name Clove) and next to the temple of Ta Kam Hong Penang. Picture this time was a girl nicknamed “Kung Fu Girl”. My friend said, if observed for some time, the girl looked creepy.

Lebuh Muntri in this there are many historical buildings legacy of the British colonialism. Interestingly, the old building is still used by residents, either for shelter or place of business. It can be used as examples in historic building conservation efforts in Indonesia.
In Lebuh Muntri there are several temples. In addition to the Temple of Ta Kam Hong Penang which I mentioned above, there is also the Temple of Hainan. This temple was founded in 1866 as a tribute to Dewi March Chor, the patron goddess of seafarers. The building that is now established in 1895 and restored in 1995.
Places of worship in Penang also be entered by tourists, both local and foreign, at no cost. Hainan Temple, for example, when we were taking photos of the front, temple guards kindly invited us to go and look into the shrine without charge.
Examined from historical, Lebuh Muntri also the birthplace of renowned famous shoemaker, Jimmy Choo, before moving to England to continue her career.
In Lebuh Chulia, we re breakfast at one of the restaurants there. This time is rice Rames, we are free to choose a side dish and vegetables to be counted. My friends told me this is a dish that is most similar taste with Indonesian food. I chose rice with chicken and vegetable fried long beans and tofu.
After breakfast, we went back to the hostel to pack and check-out. Our flight to Kuala Lumpur recently midnight, so we left the bags in the hostel’s common room we took this afternoon.
Our goal today is shopping for souvenirs for friends and colleagues in Indonesia. Appropriate references from friends, if you want to shop for, go to the Chowrasta Market. But once we got there, the place was not as expected. No one, for instance, stalls selling t-shirts or handicrafts typical of Penang, and more of a market in the literal sense as the Old Market Tangerang.
Learning from the experience of the previous trip, to buy coffee Penang, we shopped at a supermarket in KOMTAR. Once satisfied to shop for souvenirs, we look for other murals, namely a small child with a pet dinosaur and a little boy sitting on a motorcycle in Jalan Ah Quee. We managed to find after a night back research to find its location. Mural children with pets dinosaurs faded weather exposure.
Once satisfied pictures taken in the second picture above, we have lunch Nasi Kandar, a type of rice fields, in front of Masjid Kapitan Keling. Once full, we went on a trip to the region Padang Kota Lama, where Captain Francis Light first landed in Penang. When we were waiting for the bus, we were approached by a woman who claimed TKW from Jakarta were duped by agents and did not have any money at all and should be living illegally in Penang. Do not want any trouble, we politely avoided.
In the area of Padang Kota Lama stands several historic buildings, including City Hall, built in 1903, Town Hall which was a gathering place for dignitaries and aristocrats Penang can be traced back to the 1880s, Fort Cornwallis which the fort is used as the base defense Penang peninsula of the enemy threat, the Queen Victoria Memorial clock Tower is the giant clock tower built by Cheah Chen Eok, a rich merchant Penang in 1897 to commemorate the anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria of England. Across the harbor are the clock tower cruise and ferry destination Langkawi.

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