Bangkok Wat Saket

We woke up late today, and after preparing our breakfast in the hotel restaurant on the 12th floor that served the food menu is quite diverse hotel, serving good food and western Asia. We got more than once took food because we need a lot of energy for this day trip.
Because new Loy Krathong is celebrated tonight, so we decided to get around to the famous tourist destinations in Bangkok. Our first goal is Wat Saket or Golden Mount is not far away from the Hotel Centra Central. From our hotel in a taxi with no clear reason other than public transport access to the area, is also supported by the cheapness of taxi fares in the city. Moreover, the four of us so the taxi fare has become cheaper again. Taxis in Bangkok are not as taxis in Indonesia or Vietnam which has several trusted taxi companies. In Bangkok, it seems all the taxis here use a meter during the day. But when night, they refused to use the meter and set its price at its sole discretion. Perhaps because the taxi fare is relatively cheap when compared to other countries, so that they love-love themselves whether to wear a meter or not.
Just 10 minute taxi ride and then we arrived at the alley entrance to Wat Saket. 45 Baht cab fare, reasonably priced. Wat Saket admission price is 20 Baht per person. Wat Saket is a 58-meter-high stupa with a golden crown on it. We climbed the 318 steps to the temple points to the crown.
Prior to the top of the temple, we entered a room under the crown where many Buddhists who worship at the altar which is equipped with a Buddha statue. Two monks spell prayer temple in the Thai language which adds solemnity in worship. We drove around in this room before going up to the crown. There are several vendors here who sell the majority of the people in worship supplies. We then rushed to the top of the statue is a gold crown.
When we visited this place, the crown was draped with red curtains. I do not understand the meaning, perhaps undergoing maintenance. At the top of the stupa of Wat Saket, we can see different parts of the city of Bangkok, such as Rattanakosin area where the Grand Palace and other historical places are located. After spending some time here, we then went to the location beikutnya, the Rattanakosin area.
We had asked for an interpreter to park here on the way to the Rattanakosin district, but he advised us tuk-tuk ride to a nearby boat dock and boat rental to visit the Rattanakosin area at a price of 3,000 Baht or around 1,000,000 to travel for 30 minutes. The reason is quite far apart if the walk, we will pass through the area of anti government protest at the Victory Monument. We just said yes and follow the directions to get out of the Wat Saket. Armed with a map brochure owned by Richard and Ms. Tina, we then walk toward Rattanakosin. Pedestrian in the city is quite good with wide sidewalks and shady city. This is also supported by the highway infrastructure is quite big compared to the road in Jakarta. Sure enough as said by parking attendants at Wat Saket, we did pass Victory Monument that became the center of anti-government rallies.
Many street vendors peddling accessories anti government which is currently held by Yinluck PM Shinawatra, sister of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who was ousted by the Thai military in 2006. Protesters also set up tents and a stage oration in the middle of the road so the area practically impassable to vehicles. Not far from the Victory Monument, we finally arrived at the Giant Swing, which is a giant swing that had been outstanding for more than 200 years and is located in front of Wat Suthat. This swing was used in the procession of Shiva.
Giant Swing is also used in a contest to find the most courageous man in the swing. The man most to be the winner is the one who managed to pick up a bag of money from the cutting edge as high as 25 meters in the air. This contest was banned because of the number of accidents and deaths became too frequent.

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