The Trip to Bangkok Thailand First Day

The trip to Bangkok is a trip abroad my 4th in 2013. At first I was planning to go to Thailand during the celebration of Songkran, the middle of April 2014. But after Lebaran promo AirAsia tickets for flights in October-December, 2013, and I get the best airfares Rp1.130.000 pp. Incidentally in mid November 2013 there was a big event, namely, Loy Krathong is held during the full moon of the 12th month of the Thai calendar. This year, to coincide with the November 17, 2013.
Originally I was planning to go solo, but in the end I went with friends from Surabaya, namely Winis, Richard and Ms. Tina because they are attracted to celebrate Loy Krathong. Winis first go on a date 14 November, while I, Richard and Ms. Tina arrived on 16 November 2013 night. Winis for me and this was our first time to Thailand, while Richard routinely every year to get there. Ms. Tina had to Thailand in August 2013 ago.
I boarded the AirAsia flight QZ8320 to Bangkok, departing from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 16:45, but a new take-off at 17:05 pm due to the density of runway 07L. 3 hours later, about 20:14 o’clock I landed at Don Mueang International Airport is located in the north of Bangkok. There is no time difference between Tangerang and Bangkok.
According to schedule, should I and Sister Tina and Richard arrived at the same time, which is 20:00. However, the plane landed late from Surabaya until 21.00. I’m waiting for them to come in the waiting room on arrival and together through the immigration process. Another reason I waited for them is because I have to fill out a form of arrival, but did not bring a pen, the form has not been my fill.
Richard and Ms. Tina turns entourage arrived along with members of the World Backpacker Surabaya are planning a vacation to Thailand, Cambodia and South Vietnam. I, Richard and Ms. Tina stay at Centra Central Station Bangkok, which is located in front of the Hua Lamphong station. Actually, we could use the train from the station Don Mueang is located in front of the airport. However, because the next train arriving at 22:00 and travel by train for longer, we finally choose other modes of transport, namely city buses. From Don Mueang to Hua Lamphong station can use the bus number 29.
Friends Backpacker The world also come with us to stop Mo Chit, because they wanted to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market first. We are only a short wait at the bus stop before the bus number 29 arrived. Initially we had doubts because the bus was not air conditioned and looked old, but feared a long wait for the next bus, we rode the bus.
When we entered, a little bus full of passengers, some of us stand. Inside, the bus did look old and dilapidated, this is evidenced by the simple chairs and a floor made entirely of wood! The window opened entirely as air circulation and I am sure if the rain would tampias into. But besides shortage earlier, many other surprises that I found.
Lighting on the bus was very good, almost all buses angle illuminated by light, clean and did not look any trash on the bus. The bus door to go up and down the passenger only one, which is in the middle. Even if it looks shaky, but the door is driven electronically by the driver! Then other interesting thing is the conductor of a woman, and a male driver. The biggest surprise was the buses run very fast, and not mengetem like buses in Greater Jakarta. Then, if a passenger wants to get off, simply press the button on almost all rows of seats. This button will be visible by a driver who will lay off the bus at the next stop. Bus passes are also relatively cheap, only 6.5 Baht per person or about Rp2,500.
Approximately 20 minutes we drive, the traffic is also smooth, does not appear congestion Bangkok as widely reported in the media. The bus can run at a speed of 60-80 km / h. Finally, the bus stops at Mo Chit bus stop and all the passengers get off, just me, Ma’am Tina and Richard. Then the conductor asked, we want to go. When we want to express to the Hua Lamphong station, the conductor said that the Mo Chit is the last stop and all the passengers to get off. Confusion and there is no other choice, we got off at this stop.
Fortunately, the Mo Chit bus stop is located at the front entrance of the Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit (Chatuchak Park station). We then said goodbye to friends Backpacker World and we proceeded to wear MRT Hua Lamphong station. There are other options, namely disposable BTS Skytrain, but to connect several times and continue to use the MRT as well in the end. The trip from Chatuchak Park station to station Hua Lamphong pass through 15 stations, all located in the basement with the price of 40 Baht or around 15,000. To ride, passengers can buy tickets at the counter (all exchange large denominations) or via the ticket vending machines. If you buy a ticket for one trip, passengers will get a plastic coin. To enter the platform, touch the coins in the ticket machines and the gate will open. When it comes down and going out of the platform, insert coins into the ticket machine to open the gate.
Relatively quiet MRT passengers when compared to the BTS Skytrain. And the night did not seem passengers standing. My own journey by chariot comfortable and clean. 30 minutes later we arrived at Hua Lamphong station. When we exited the station and was about to cross over to the hotel, we were prevented by the police. Had time to wonder what’s going on, whether there was a curfew so we are prohibited from being on the street after a certain hour? Police can only speak in Thailand, maybe we face are similar to local residents so that they do not speak English. Eventually we gave in and returned to the station. When will take another street there are also residents of Bangkok were forbidden to cross. We choose to wait and try to find what the actual information.
A short time later there was a convoy of VIP travel. But the difference with a VIP trip in Indonesia is not their sirens wailing. In Bangkok the journey silent and his entourage passed quickly. Once passed, we are allowed to cross the street.
We arrived at the hotel and report to reception, Winis own check-in the day before. We were fortunate enough to stay at the Centra Central Station, because getting an attractive offer, which is 5,500 Baht for three days and two nights + breakfast for four people. We ended up to the rooms located on the 11th floor and mingle with Winis up much early in the morning before it finally fell asleep.

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