Petra of Yordania

The first place in my bucket list was to visit Petra, The Lost City, which is located thousands of kilometers away from Indonesia. The place that I know through the film Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989), this indeed has made me, since childhood, curious as hell. Can see immediately place all this time I can only imagine, really makes my skin crawl.
In the center of Shara Mountains closed to the outside world, Petra is already stands since 2,000 years ago. Petra achieve success in the era of the kingdom of Nabatean era, around the 1st century BC. Frankincense trade (a kind of fragrant wood rosin and basic materials were used for perfume), myrrh (a type of tree sap for perfume base material), as well as spices make this city rich.
After that, Petra alternated dominated many kingdoms. Had the kingdom ruled by the Greeks, Romans, until finally captured by Sultan Saladin of the hands of Catholic forces in 1187 AD during the Crusades. After that, Petra thought lost, until it was rediscovered by a Swiss explorer named Johan Burckhardt in 1812.
Towards the center of Petra, we had to walk past the Bab Al-Siq, whose length is approximately 800 meters. Along the Bab Al-Siq, we’ve begun to see the stone ruins of offerings, obelisks, tombs, until the houses are carved into the side of the mountain by the Nabatean tribes in the 1st century BC. If not strong running, you can choose to ride horses, which has cost already includes the entrance fee of 29 Jordanian dinars, or about Rp550.000.
After the Bab Al-Siq, there is a dam built to divert flood Nabatean tribe, by making a 88 meter long cave that split the rock. Nabatean tribe is known as an expert on the affairs of the water system. Then, like grabbing a big surprise that awaits, I had to pass through a narrow road along the 1.2 kilometer before getting the surprise. The road is flanked by rocks 70 meters high is called The Siq. There are two drains in the stone wall along the Siq. Dramatic effects caused by rock cliffs that protect the Siq makes me more enthusiastic. Moreover, many carvings on the sides, as if showing their stately life thousands of years ago.
Finally, we arrived at the end of the Siq open and show buildings that may have been little known, but still full of mystery, namely The Treasury (Al Khazna). Wow. I was thrilled and fascinated. With a height of 40 meters, Al Khazna is a beautiful building carved into the mountain rock. By decorating the pillars, lis flowers wrapped around pillars and statues. Roof storage precious objects decorated by an urn that supposedly is Pharaoh, who put when the Egyptians mastered Petra.
Passing Al Khazna, I was down the street in the middle of the city of Petra. All around, the rocks were carved into homes, cemeteries, churches, mosques, pillars, and shrines. Includes a sacrifice that is located on a hill, and can only be reached via a steep stone staircase. A theater that can accommodate up to 4,000 visitors seemed carved on a mountain side, the left. To keep the continuity, theater can only be seen from the outside, visitors are prohibited from entering.
At the end of the street, located slightly upward, seemed The Royal Tombs. This beautiful large building is the tomb of the royal members or people who are considered to be very important. The building structure is entirely built by chiseling a rock.
Then there are also churches and temples. Farthest and highest is The Monastery (Ad-Deir). You might be able to recognize it in the movie Transformers 2, Revenge of The Fallen. The building is the largest in Petra, with a width of 47 meters and a height of 48.3 meters. In it there is a bench and an altar, on the wall behind. This monastery was built in the 2nd century BC and was used as a church in the time of King government Rabel II. To get there, take a long time and the condition of the body fit, because visitors must climb 1,000 stairs first.
Unfortunately, our time is limited. It was not satisfied. Finally we went back down the Siq and the Bab-Al-Siq to return. Goodbye Petra.

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