Wadi Rum of Yordania

Explore of desert hills with rock located in the Kingdom of Jordan, is to make us like being in another world. No wonder the Wadi Rum often appear in science fiction movies. One of them is The Martian (2015), starring Matt Damon, an astronaut who inadvertently left behind on Mars, as his colleagues rush back to Earth.
Being in the middle of the desert area of ​​720km square does not mean we cannot “doing anything”. I’m lucky to be able to taste life in the desert by staying in camps set up by society Bedouin nomadic. One of them is the Captain’s Dessert Camp. In addition to staying at the Bedouin-style tent, we can rent a jeep and drive around Wadi Rum enjoys the unique scenery. Simultaneously stopping drinking tea and shopping in Bedouin tents around camp.

In the afternoon, let the camel ride and find the best spot to watch the beautiful sunset atmosphere. There is a sensation itself camel ride height up to two meters. And awaited arrives, enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner, such as mutton, chicken, potatoes, and carrots baked with charcoal buried in the ground. And sealed for two hours, until the meat is tender. This meal is called Zarb. After eating, do not forget we dance to the music of the desert. It turned out delicious but also camping in the desert

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