Tsingy de Bemahara Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that my family and I live two years ago is the world’s fourth largest island, located off the southeast coast of the African continent. Although separate from the vast land of Africa, he remained upright facing the Indian Ocean because the mountains are peg solid stone. Natural expanse rich with endemic flora and fauna are hard to find in other parts of the world. My desire to visit many places in Madagascar is so unstoppable. One of them, which are also the most coveted of the adventurers, is the stone forest Tsingy de Bemahara.

Legend of the Lover Tree
Region and small islands around Madagascar are so tempting to visit. Last April the opportunity came. My husband and children agreed to move to the western part of the island, towards Tsingy de Bemahara who enters the territory Melaky. This decision was not easy, because Tsingy de Bemaraha is not a proper tourist destination to visit with the children, especially those still aged 5 and 9 years old.

However, I also do not want to change the plan, because it is the best destination in Madagascar which became the target of the adventurers. I decided it was better to bring the kids with us than to be sorry for missing the best places. Better try to walk together to the point that I knew or the children should be stopped, at least we have tried.

Answer soothing came from businessmen travel that we call. “Can! If unable to walk up to 18 kilometers, you can find a kind of wagon drawn cow in there, “he said. Sentences that are what I make the handle during the trip.At 7 am we moved out of Antananarivo, for a 10-hour trip with a rental car type 4WD. At five o’clock, we arrived at Morondava, Menabe capital city, which has a beautiful view, beach with white sands are clean, also a fishing village that can be reached by climbing a small wooden boat.

Fresh fish, lobster, and shrimp which amount exceeds my palms became the mainstay of our diet. In our inn overlooking the warm watery Mozambique Channel, we enjoyed the sunset along the red tinge on the sea border.

The next day, after the content to play the sea, we again reached out to other areas. After walking about three kilometers the car had to swerve out of the main road and enter the red dirt roads in bad condition due to the rainy season a few months ago.

A few hundred meters later we enter the area Allée des Baobabs, areas dirt road flanked by giant baobab trees that can reach the age of 800 years. Adansonia tree of the species is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and fertility of the local community, also believed to be renala (which means mother wilderness), the ancestral forests of Madagascar.

About thirty grown trees flanking the road and over a hundred others are scattered in the forest. Unique shape resembles a bottle that seems embedded upside down, presenting images that are similar twigs scratches to the sky. The baobab tree can grow to a height of 5 to 30 meters with a trunk diameter of 7 to 11 meters. Of the nine species that exist, six species are native or native to Madagascar, two other species from the mainland of Africa and Arabian Peninsula, and one other species from Australia.

We could not resist the urge to stop by and visit the legend, the baobab amoureux, located 7 kilometers from the Allée des Baobabs. Baobab amoureux are two trees are entwined. That said, there are pair of lovers who love each other, but they may not marry because they have the same parents’ betrothed couples. In despair over the fate of their love, they pray with all hope to be united. So, this tree grew, entwining do not want to be separated, grow centuries old, became folklore continues narrated.

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